Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello World!

Welcome! I hope as you read this blog you will find some creative and interesting ideas to help you and your family save money while having fun!! That’s what it’s all about for me – its not worth saving the money if I can’t do it with my family and we can’t have fun doing it.

I’m a full time mom who happens to work full time too, outside the home that is. My Darling Husband and I have three awesome kiddos, who keep us busy, on our toes and never cease to amaze.

DH & I started working towards becoming debt free in 2011, it has been an interesting roller coaster ride this past year and a half and we are getting closer each month. Even though this is important to us we still want to give our kids a great childhood full of memories, laughter and good times.

So In my OCD little head, one way we can do this is if I’m frugal with every dollar we have and find ways to save us money on the everyday of life so that we can enjoy the memory making moments. I have found some of those memory moments have happened when we build things together, try a new recipe together, or when we’re trying out one of the crazy crafts Momma found on Pintrest (another obsession, but more on that later.)

Come back and visit often to see the crazy fun we’re up to.
See ya soon,
This Frugal Mom

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